Crystal Cat Litter

With strong absorption, the beads will change color after absorbing urine, and they can be replaced with new ones when the whole pot is about 80% discolored. Of course, the stool will not disappear, and it must be cleaned every day.

1. Powerful deodorization. It can hold the odor in urine or feces tightly without dissipating it, and keep the air in your room fresh and odor-free.

2. Super fast moisture absorption. It can quickly absorb the water in the urine and feces discharged by the pet in a very short time; the moisture absorption can reach more than 80% of its own weight while still maintaining a dry appearance.

3. Lasting effect. 4 lbs/bag of cat litter can be used by a cat for more than one month.

4. Strong antibacterial. Because the cat litter box is dry, the growth of bacteria is reduced. If you use antibacterial cat litter, it also has a sterilizing effect.

5. Easy to handle. Silica gel cat litter does not agglomerate, leaves no marks, has no dust, has a light specific gravity, and has a small amount of garbage. It can be disposed of as ordinary garbage; it is convenient and safe to use at home.

Product Detail

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Product Information

granularity 1-8mm or customer requirements
Bulk density 450g/L—500g/L
Water content 0.05

OEM Customized Service

Formula Outer packaging LOOG&Picture
Particle size and shape
Particle color
Capacity & Material
Square vacuum packaging, flat vacuum, self-supporting bag
Free design
Design plan in 1 hours as soon as possible

What will we support?

1. The most favorable price support provides the most favorable price for our partners, hope our agents or distributors can get huge profits and market share.
2. Provide sales support such as samples, introduction catalogs, technical documents, references, comparisons, and product photos.
3. Promotion & Fair Support We are willing to help you share exhibition or advertising expenses to promote our products and related products.
4. Customer protection We will protect customers and reject other direct requests related to your sales.
5. Guarantee of supply quantity We can guarantee the quantity of orders in peak season or shortage. Your order will be advanced.
6. Sales incentives We will provide sales incentives for outstanding customers at the end of the year to encourage sales.

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