Extra Large Charcoal Dog Training & Potty Pads

Embroidery LOOG

Canvas school bag


5-15 kg dog/cat

Anti-release buckle

adjustable size

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This pad features a layer of activated carbon charcoal that helps neutralize odors and hides stains so your pup’s potty time is discrete. It’s super absorbent for extended indoor stays and ideal for protecting crates and carriers during transport. The fast-drying quilted top layer prevents messy tracking, plus it features a built-in dog attractant to encourage your pup to potty in the same spot. Five layers of protection lock in wetness with a leak proof plastic lining to help protect your floors from moisture. If a dog potties on the Frisco Extra Large Charcoal Training & Potty Pad, will anybody know? We’ll never tell.


Color: Grey
Size: Small: 45*33 cm
Medium: 60*45 cm
Large: 60*60 cm
X-Large: 90*60 cm
Customization: Color, scents, label, printing logo, individual gift box
Advantage: private customization, Fast dispatch, factory wholesale price
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Week
Instructions Select an area away from your dog’ s food and bed. Unfold the pad and place it on the floor, tissue side up, poly side down. Lead your dog to the pad to become accustomed to its scent and use. Repeat until your dog is comfortable using the pad. Reward your dog for correctly using. Dispose of the pad in a trash receptacle.

Key Benefits

Activated carbon charcoal technology neutralizes odors and hides stains so potty time is discrete.
Built-in attractant to encourage dogs to potty in the same place each time.
Five layers of protection lock in wetness while a leak-proof plastic lining prevents moisture from contacting your floor.
Super absorbent and features a fast-drying quilted top layer to prevent messy tracking after potty duty is done.

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