FP-2013L retractable and convenient pet leash

Strap material: high-grade nylon polyester

Rope length: 3m/5m

Shell material: environmentally friendly ABS material

Product color: Black, pink, light blue

Product weight: 0.125Kg/0.21kg

Environmentally friendly ABS material, through ROHS certification, it is easy to walk the dog automatically.

The brake button, push the lock forward for the first time to prohibit forward movement, push it again to release the lock.

Automatically retractable without jamming the rope, preventing the rope from being entangled and can be safely retracted.

High-quality clockwork spring with strong tension, the arc-shaped setting of the hand-held handle can be evenly stressed.

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During strolls with your sidekick, you want a leash that’s not only going to give you the control you need, but also provide your BFF with enough room to roam.A comfortable ergonomic grip and a convenient “brake” button, so you can put the stop to potentially dangerous situations. Even though the leash is strong and sturdy, it’s also light, making it extra comfortable for you. This cord leash is available in five different sizes and four different colors, so you can find the right fit and style for your paw-tner!


Color: Red, pink, black, blue
Size: 16-ft long
Customization: Color, scents, label, printing logo, individual gift box
Advantage: private customization, Fast dispatch, factory wholesale price
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Week
Instructions Inspect Your Leash & Collar Before Each Use

Key Benefits

Light leash designed with an ergonomic grip for added comfort.
Features a fast, short-stop braking button that can be activated with just one finger.
Available in multiple sizes and colors so you can find the best fit for your dog and her paw-sonality.
Gives you the control you need without hindering your hound’s freedom.


Size Length Max Recommended Weight
ONE SIZE 16 feet 26 lbs

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