FP-Y2047 Automatic Telescopic Dog Leash

Strap material: high-grade nylon polyester

Rope length: 3m/5m

Shell material: environmentally friendly ABS material

Product color: black, blue, red

Product weight: 0.125Kg/0.21kg

Environmentally friendly ABS material, through ROHS certification, it is easy to walk the dog automatically.

The brake button, push the lock forward for the first time to prohibit forward movement, push it again to release the lock.

Automatically retractable without jamming the rope, preventing the rope from being entangled and can be safely retracted.

High-quality clockwork spring with strong tension, the arc-shaped setting of the hand-held handle can be evenly stressed.

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The high-strength cord allows you walk with confidence, and the durable chromed snap hook easily and securely attaches to any collar—it’s the ultimate walking experience for you and your dog. where each leash undergoes more than 90 quality checks.


Color: Black, Blue, Red, Pink
Size: X-Small: 10-ft long
Small: 16-ft long
Medium: 16-ft long
Large: 16-ft long
Large: 26-ft long
Customization: Color, scents, label, printing logo, individual gift box
Advantage: private customization, Fast dispatch, factory wholesale price
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Week
Instructions Inspect Your Leash & Collar Before Each Use

Key Benefits

Leash gives the ultimate walking experience with superior control and security.
Offers intuitive handling thanks the convenient brake button and ergonomic grip.
Short-stop, one-handed braking system provides a fast, reliable response.
Available in a variety of tape lengths and thicknesses to fit almost any dog.
Each leash is manufactured by hand in Germany, where it undergoes more than 90 quality checks.
Keep out of reach of small children. Never let anyone play with this leash. Avoid contact with the cord/tape/belt and never let it wrap around any part of your body.


Size Length Recommended Weight
X-SMALL 10 feet up to 26 lbs
SMALL 16 feet up to 33 lbs
MEDIUM 16 feet up to 55 lbs
LARGE 16 feet up to 110 lbs
LARGE 26 feet up to 110 lbs


Inspect Your Leash & Collar Before Each Use

Make sure that all parts of the leash and your dog’s collar are in good condition and are not damaged, frayed, or broken.

Attaching the Leash & Safety Collar

Always use the enclosed safety collar in addition to your dog’s collar. The safety collar prevents snap-back if the dog’s collar breaks, or if the leash disconnects from your dog’s collar.

Attach the hook of the leash to the D-ring of your dog’s collar. Never attach it to your dog’s ID tag ring. That ring is not strong and will break.

Make sure that the hook is fully closed and securely attached to the collar D-ring and the rings of the safety collar.

Detaching the Leash

Make sure your dog is under control. Fully retract the leash before detaching it.

Drying Instructions

If your leash gets wet, pull the cord/tape/belt out of the leash housing as far as it will go and lock the brake. Leave it to dry overnight in a place that is out of reach of children. When the cord/tape/belt is dry, carefully and slowly retract the leash to keep it under control.

Using the Leash

Always hold the leash by the handle, never by the cord/tape/belt You can also hold the hand loop with your other hand for extra control. Never tie leash around a tree, pole, or any other object.

To bring your dog nearer, follow these steps and never touch the cord/tape/belt:

Extend your arm forward and press the brake button.

Step toward your dog and at the same time bring your arm to your side.

Release the brake button and swing your arm towards the dog and press the brake button again.

Repeat as needed.

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