HSDF-01 Strips Clumped Tofu Cat Litter

Environmental protection, waste utilization, you can flush the toilet directly. No dust, no poison, harmless to cats to people. Condensable, easy to clean.

“Add fragrance, dye, add charcoal, no dust.

The toilet can be flushed directly, and it is convenient to take it out for cleaning. According to the size of the cat, it can be changed for 12 days, 7 days, and 5 days.

Using fresh pea residue, the proportion of pea residue reaches 85%. After high temperature sterilization, pest residues are eliminated, cats eat harmlessly, and ensure the health of cats and humans.

Tofu cat litter is light in texture, 6L/2.5kg, firm and fast, easy to clean, and can be flushed. It is a plant-based environmentally friendly cat litter.

The four-stage dust removal process has extremely low dust and is friendly to the cat’s respiratory system. During the production process, the extrusion degree is high, the hardness is high, and the powder is not easy to convert.

Milk flavor can be added for better deodorizing effect.”

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Exterior Strip
colour White, green, pink, yellow
Bulk density 410-450g/L
granularity Diameter: 2.0mm, length 0.5-1.5cm
Moisture 5%

OEM Customized Service

Formula/Perfume Outer packaging LOOG&Picture
10+ perfume, 6 levels of concentration
1:1000kg or customer requirements
Capacity & Material
Square vacuum packaging, flat vacuum, self-supporting bag
Free design
Design plan in 1 hours as soon as possible

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2.0mm diameter strip tofu cat litter (Original)

The main material of tofu cat litter is soybean fiber, the percentage is 85%, the raw materials are sterilized by high temperature, eliminate harmful biological residues. It is harmless for cats even eat by mistake, ensure the health of cats and cats lovers.
Compare to bentonite cat litter, tofu cat litter is of light weight, popular packaging is 6L/2.5kg. Strong clumping, easy to scoop, flushable, it is plant eco-friendly cat litter.
Compared with other products, our 2.0mm strip tofu cat litter has a smooth and beautiful appearance and uniform particles.
Our products go through four dust removal processes, the dust is extremely low, it is very friendly to the cat’s breathy system.
During the production process, our products go through high pressure, so it is of high hardness, avoid causing dust.
Compared with 3.0mm diameter tofu cat litter, there are small gaps between the particles, not stick the bottom, friendly to cat’s paws, besides, the clumping is more smaller, save usage.
You could add milky scent, it would reach super effect on odor control.
We also own packaging factory, very professional on packaging production and bag types, you could also enjoy favorable price.

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