HSDF-04 Broken And Clumped Tofu Cat Litter

Environmental protection, waste utilization, you can flush the toilet directly. No dust, no poison, harmless to cats to people. Condensable, easy to clean.

“Safe Natural Raw Material

1.Natural Soy Bean Fiber

2. Natural Corn Starch

3.Natural Guar Gum

4.It is made of natural plant material, safe and Eco-friendly, without any harmful chemical components. Don’t be afraid of cat eating.

Function of Cracked Cat Litter

1.Effective and multiple times fast absorption

2.Four times absorption, fast clumping

3.Less consumption, no stick at the bottom, strongly wrapped excrement

4.After twice high temperature drying, cat litter is filtrated four times, leaving the most comfortable particles for cats after many tests.

Odor Control

Tofu residue contains full of flavonoid, which can effectively decompose excrement odor, help to eliminate odor and maintain fresh air”

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Information

Exterior Broken
colour White, green, pink, yellow
Bulk density 410-450g/L
granularity 0.5-3.5mm
Moisture 5%

OEM Customized Service

Formula/Perfume Outer packaging LOOG&Picture
10+ perfume, 6 levels of concentration
1:1000kg or customer requirements
Capacity & Material
Square vacuum packaging, flat vacuum, self-supporting bag
Free design
Design plan in 1 hours as soon as possible

What will we support?

1. The most favorable price support provides the most favorable price for our partners, hope our agents or distributors can get huge profits and market share.
2. Provide sales support such as samples, introduction catalogs, technical documents, references, comparisons, and product photos.
3. Promotion & Fair Support We are willing to help you share exhibition or advertising expenses to promote our products and related products.
4. Customer protection We will protect customers and reject other direct requests related to your sales.
5. Guarantee of supply quantity We can guarantee the quantity of orders in peak season or shortage. Your order will be advanced.
6. Sales incentives We will provide sales incentives for outstanding customers at the end of the year to encourage sales.

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