HSJL-01 Spherical Deodorizing Condensed Bentonite Cat Litter

1.Normal Ball Shaped Bentonite Cat Litter


Color: greyish-white

Material: bentonite


A. Fast absorption

B. Good odor control

C. Low dust

D. Strong clumping

E. Low tracking

F. Customized fragrance: apple, lemon, coffee, rose, lavender, etc.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

“Main ingredient: Bentonite.
Appearance: White or off-white spherical particles or irregularly shaped particles.”

“It is the most commonly used cat litter. It is highly hygroscopic and can quickly absorb the moisture in the feces, forming a big hard mass. Condensed cat litter solves the problem of urine. It can condense the urine into blocks and remove them together, which is hygienic and convenient. If you encounter diarrhea, it will be successfully sucked into a ball, and there will be no more troubles that ordinary cat litter can’t hold. When the condensed cat litter is gradually consumed, new cat litter can be added to the cat litter at any time, and there is no need to give up the whole basin.

Perfume or perfume beads or fresh mint flavor can also be added to the cat litter. When cleaning the cat litter, it can reduce the number of temporarily stopping breathing. Or dye the sand grains into colored cat litter, which has quite a visual effect. Both ordinary cat litter and condensed cat litter are made of natural sand and stone, and the excrement will quickly return to nature.”

Product Information

Exterior White sphere
Water absorption ≥260%
Bulk density 850-950g/L
granularity 0.5-3.5mm、1-4mm
Moisture 5%

OEM Customized Service

Formula/Perfume Outer packaging LOOG&Picture
10+ perfume, 6 levels of concentration
1:1000kg or customer requirements
Capacity & Material
Three-side seal without handle, three-side seal with handle, self-supporting bag
Free design
Design plan in 1 hours as soon as possible

Our Advantage

15 years factory Qualification Exhibition
Main producing area of bentonite mine
30,000 square meters factory area, 15 production lines, 500,000 tons/day production capacity
ISO9002 management system
MSDS product testing
Thailand Expo Pet Show
Germany Interzoo Pet Exhibition
Korean Pet Show
Thailand Impact Pet Show
China International Pet Show

What will we support?

1. The most favorable price support provides the most favorable price for our partners, hope our agents or distributors can get huge profits and market share.
2. Provide sales support such as samples, introduction catalogs, technical documents, references, comparisons, and product photos.
3. Promotion & Fair Support We are willing to help you share exhibition or advertising expenses to promote our products and related products.
4. Customer protection We will protect customers and reject other direct requests related to your sales.
5. Guarantee of supply quantity We can guarantee the quantity of orders in peak season or shortage. Your order will be advanced.
6. Sales incentives We will provide sales incentives for outstanding customers at the end of the year to encourage sales.

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